After a 12 months-long hiatus I started blogging again. Expired TLS certificate and the process of transitioning to LetsEncrypt were the inspiration and motivated me to share the knowledge with the world.

I also need to mention that I had to update Ruby on my Apple M1-powered MacBook as I was getting tons of errors when trying to re-build the blog. Note that I had the latest macOS Monterey which comes with pre-installed Ruby 2.7.0, but it wouldn’t work for me. I needed to update the version that I previously installed via Homebrew.

After some trial and error, I stumbled upon “The Definitive Guide To Installing Ruby Gems on a Mac” by Moncef Belyamani. The guide was excellent and I specifically followed all steps in section Install Ruby with Homebrew.

The following version was installed side-by-side with the one Apple provides:

ruby -v                                                 
ruby 3.0.3p157 (2021-11-24 revision 3fb7d2cadc) [x86_64-darwin21]

Jekyll was still giving me trouble, this time due to missing webrick - apparently Ruby 3.0 lacks that packages: Jekyll serve fails on Ruby 3.0 (webrick missing) #752.

I quickly resolved it by adding webrick…

bundle add webrick

… and re-built and tested my blog:

bundle exec jekyll build --verbose
bundle exec jekyll serve --trace --watch --incremental