As Meta’s Engineering Manager, Andrei Rubaniuk is responsible for Privacy Engineering efforts across Reality Labs, as well as management and strategy to deliver most secure and private AR/VR devices and experiences.

He leads a team with a strategic focus on user privacy, including engineering, compliance, training and awareness, communications and policy. Previously, he led a team focused on integrity of VR logins on Oculus platform.

Andrei built his career around his enthusiasm for security and privacy. He is well versed in all aspects of Security, Privacy and Integrity of software engineering having worked at industry leaders like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft, as well as startups and medium-size software companies.

Throughout his career he was fortunate to work on a variety of industry-leading projects: Oculus Quest/Quest 2, Microsoft HoloLens, Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows Phone and Symbian OS/UIQ.

He finds inspiration for his work in building amazing teams to create innovative products that customers love.

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