It’s been 9 months since I accepted and offer and joined Xbox Security Team.

It is important to acknowledge milestones in one’s career and now is an important developmental milestone in my career. Personally, I prefer to work on v1 projects and features and my choice was also largely influenced by an amazing product we recently announced – Xbox One.


Few things to mention about past nine months with Xbox:

  • security at Xbox is taken very seriously
  • people are very passionate about the product
  • team is highly professional about everything we do
  • there are a lot of hardcore gamers in their 20s and 30s
  • Xbox is the only team at Microsoft that has “Fun” in its mission statement and it is quite true – we get all new Xbox games upon release
  • Xbox team is moving really FAST!

Yes, we do move really fast and it’s especially true in Services team where I currently work. I also re-discovered SCRUM and can’t even think of moving back to shipping every one-two years. Running sprints can be challenging but much more rewarding. The feedback loop is just so much shorter and you see results right away and your features serve customers immediately. And yes, I did a lot of software design and coding in the past 9 months.

Go Xbox!